Study finds China at the forefront of global green technology innovation

A recent study by the German think-tank Bertelsmann Stiftung has highlighted China’s rapid rise as a leading research nation in green technologies. The country has been identified as the most important driver of growth in this field globally, with no other country able to keep up with its research dynamics.

In terms of world-class patents, China ranks second after the United States, with more than 37,000 patents in green technologies. This puts the country among the top three research locations worldwide in most categories, and it is already number one in the category of “Sustainable consumables/recycling.” China has almost doubled its global share in this category over the past five years.

The Chinese government’s efforts to support the circular economy have led to higher resource productivity and the decoupling of resource consumption from GDP growth. Specific areas where China excels in green technologies include drinking water treatment, recycling of batteries and fuel cells, cement recycling, and recycling of plastics, glass, paper, electronics, and consumer waste. The country has made the largest share of its world-class green technology patents in the field of efficient production.

Overall, China’s achievements in green technologies have been significant, and its focus on sustainability and resource efficiency has positioned it as a leader in this field globally.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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