China’s May exports outperform expectations, drive economic recovery

In May, the Chinese economy saw a positive shift with faster growth in exports for the second consecutive month. This news provides some relief to the Chinese economy as it works towards sustained recovery amidst a prolonged property crisis. Last month, outbound shipments from China increased by 7.6% year-on-year, surpassing expectations of a 6.0% increase. This growth follows a 1.5% rise in April.

However, imports only saw a modest 1.8% increase in May, slowing down from the 8.4% jump in the previous month. The mixed results in export and import data reflect the varying speeds at which different sectors of China’s economy are recovering, creating uncertainty about the overall outlook. Despite strong growth and exports data indicating improving global demand in the first quarter, recent indicators point towards soft domestic consumption.

The Chinese economy continues to face challenges from a lingering property sector crisis that is impacting investor and consumer confidence, ultimately affecting business activity. While there are worries about low domestic consumption and weakening business sentiment, trade data released on Friday should provide some relief to policymakers as they work towards fostering a more comprehensive economic recovery.

Recent reports suggest that China’s export sector is managing to weather global economic challenges and support the country’s ongoing recovery efforts. The International Monetary Fund recently upgraded its growth forecast for China in 2024 to align with Beijing’s target of around 5% growth. However, the IMF also highlighted risks stemming from the property issues in the country.

In May, China’s trade surplus expanded to $82.62 billion, surpassing forecasts and marking an increase from the surplus in April.

Overall, while there are still challenges ahead for China’s economy

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