Scientists create highly potent ultraviolet laser with LBO crystals

The researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences have achieved a breakthrough in generating high-power lasers in the deep ultraviolet (DUV) spectrum. By using LBO crystals, they were able to achieve the highest power output for 193 and 221 nm lasers. This achievement opens up possibilities for more applications in the DUV spectrum, as lasers in this range are already used in areas like defect inspection, spectroscopy, lithography, and metrology.

The ArF laser has been the go-to option for generating high-power 193 nm lasers for applications like lithography. However, with this new achievement by the researchers, LBO crystals may present a viable alternative for achieving even higher power output in the DUV spectrum. This could lead to advancements in existing DUV applications and enable new possibilities in the field.

LBO crystals are known for their high refractive index and low loss, making them ideal for use in high-power lasers. The researchers at the Chinese Academy of Sciences were able to optimize the crystal’s properties to achieve record-breaking power output levels. This breakthrough is significant as it opens up new possibilities for using lasers in the DUV spectrum and expands their potential applications across various fields.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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