Flag from China with extraordinary durability planted on Moon

Chinese scientists have successfully developed a special national flag that was raised on the far side of the Moon by the lander of the Chang’e 6 mission. The flag is made from inorganic basalt fibers that are excellent at insulating and resisting radiation, making it able to withstand harsh lunar conditions such as extreme temperatures, vacuum environments, and strong ultraviolet radiation.

The scholars and engineers at Wuhan University of Textiles and Sanjiang China Aerospace Corporation jointly developed the basalt fibers used to create the flag. They faced challenges in weaving the yarn and ensuring the colors did not fade. Basalt fibers are known for their resistance to radiation and insulation properties, which make them ideal for use in space missions like this one.

The flag on the Chang’e 6 spacecraft is the same size as the one placed during the Chang’e 5 mission on the near side of the Moon, measuring about 30 cm x 20 cm. Although the basalt fiber used for this flag has a higher density than that used for the Chang’e 5 flag, the final product is lighter due to an ultra-thin basalt fiber developed by the researchers. This ultra-thin fiber has a diameter about one-third

By Sophia Gonzalez

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