Emmanuel Macron faces new security challenges as France deploys forces on multiple fronts

The capital of New Caledonia, Noumea, has once again been engulfed in violence and chaos. The riots that have been taking place in the remote French overseas territory in the Pacific Ocean have left its inhabitants terrified. They describe the situation as akin to a civil war and are considering the possibility of evacuation.

The unrest in New Caledonia stems from protests over changes to voting laws, which have escalated into deadly riots. Pro-independence supporters fear that these changes will dilute the vote of the indigenous Kanak people, sparking violent demonstrations in Noumea.

Tragically, five people have lost their lives, including a gendarme to friendly fire, with hundreds more injured. The French government has declared a state of emergency and deployed 3,000 security forces to secure access to the airports and ports. However, despite this deployment, residents feel trapped in their homes and afraid to venture out due to clashes between Kanak youth and security forces.

The once paradisiacal island is now engulfed in curfews, burning vehicles, looting, and fear. Supermarkets have been looted, leaving many families desperate for essential supplies. People like Lizzie Carboni reflect on the drastic change in their lives longing for the days of peace that are now a distant memory.

The aftermath of the riots has left residents anxious about their future with some neighborhoods resorting to posting white flags as a symbol of their peaceful intentions. The situation remains grave with evacuations being considered as a last resort amidst chaos.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal has described the situation as very tense prompting the sending of 1000 new law enforcement troops to bolster existing 2700 forces on the ground. Interior Minister has clarified that while military will assist in health matters it is primarily job of gendarmes and police force to pacify archipelago.

As violence continues to escalate in Noumea residents hope for an end to this conflict soon before it spirals out of control completely.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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