A young girl’s critical condition resulted from a cobra bite inside the house

An 11-year-old girl was bitten by a cobra while she was in the kitchen. The bite occurred on her right ankle, and after traditional medicine man extracted the venom, the girl’s foot was wrapped. She then began to vomit excessively and was in critical condition. She was transferred to Children’s Hospital 1 in Tien Giang for intensive care treatment, where she received anesthesia and respiratory failure support.

Doctors at the hospital administered anti-venom serum, antibiotics, wound care, and infection control to treat the girl’s condition. After about 10 hours of receiving antivenom serum, she regained consciousness, breathed on her own, and was removed from the ventilator. Dr. Pham Van Quang, Head of Intensive Care and Poison Control Department at Children’s Hospital 1 advised against using traditional methods like applying leaves or tourniquets to snake bite wounds. Instead, he recommended cleaning and disinfecting the snake bite site and seeking medical help immediately for prompt treatment with anti-venom serum.

It is crucial to immobilize the affected limb after a cobra bite to limit venom spread that can lead to respiratory failure. Immediate medical attention is necessary when dealing with any type of snake bite because prompt treatment with anti-venom serum is essential for saving lives. It is important to avoid relying on folk remedies or unproven treatments when dealing with a serious medical condition like a snake bite.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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