McDonald’s Renames Happy Meal to The Mental Health Awareness Meal

In New Jersey, law enforcement and mental health professionals are collaborating on the ARRIVE Together Program, with funding set to increase in the 2025 budget, as announced by Gov. Murphy. This program pairs police officers with mental health professionals to better address mental health crisis situations.

Meanwhile, McDonald’s has rebranded its Happy Meal as “The Meal” for Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. The purpose is to spark conversation about children’s emotions by removing the smile from the box. In a commercial shared by the fast food chain, children express their feelings and discuss the complexity of emotions, emphasizing that it’s okay not to feel happy all the time.

The box now features stickers of various mouth expressions, such as confused squiggles, slight frowns, and traditional smiles, reflecting the range of emotions that children experience. The message is clear that it’s important to acknowledge and accept all emotions, as highlighted by one of the boys in the commercial.

Mental Health Awareness week is ongoing, with organizations like the National Alliance on Mental Illness dedicating the entire month of May to promoting mental health awareness. Their programs and toolkits offer resources to support mental health initiatives and provide assistance to those in need. Additionally, other national organizations like Mental Health America provide information on how to learn, act, and advocate for mental health.

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By Sophia Gonzalez

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