UConn Health Minute: Understanding Colon Cancer

UConn Health colorectal surgeon Dr. Alyson Cunningham stresses the importance of regular screenings and lifestyle changes in preventing colon cancer, a major cancer killer. She strongly recommends individuals at risk to undergo regular screenings and encourages positive lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of developing this deadly disease.

Dr. Cunningham, a dedicated colorectal surgeon at UConn Health, is committed to raising awareness about the importance of screening for colon cancer. She believes that early detection and intervention are crucial in the fight against this disease. Dr. Cunningham works with patients to develop personalized screening plans and provides guidance on making positive lifestyle changes to improve overall well-being.

Through her work at UConn Health, Dr. Cunningham empowers individuals to take control of their health and reduce their risk of developing colon cancer. She emphasizes the significance of regular screenings and encourages everyone to prioritize their health by scheduling screenings and making lifestyle changes that can improve overall well-being. Dr. Cunningham’s dedication to raising awareness about colon cancer prevention is making a significant impact on the lives of her patients and the community as a whole.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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