Local Business Owner in Prescott Helps Seniors During Winter Storms

In the midst of a snowstorm that hit Prescott, AZ over the past few days, Armando Mejia, owner of Highland Grading and Excavating, saw an opportunity to give back to his community. He posted a call on Facebook offering to plow seniors’ driveways for free. On Friday morning, his team and heavy machinery got to work, clearing the driveways of six seniors trapped in their homes.

This act of kindness was just one of many that were seen in the area, with neighbors stepping up to help each other as the snow continued to pile up. As the community came together to support those in need, it showed the true spirit of unity and care during challenging times.

It is heartwarming to see individuals and businesses like Highland Grading and Excavating going above and beyond to provide assistance and support to those who need it most. In times of adversity, it is important to remember the strength of a community coming together to help one another. These acts of kindness are a reminder of the importance of lending a hand and looking out for one another during difficult circumstances.

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