CIM and C2C Fashion and Technology join forces to enhance apparel manufacturing in Detroit

A pioneering on-shore and micro apparel manufacturing company, Complete Image Manufacturing (CIM), has announced a strategic partnership and exclusive showroom launch with US-based technology provider C2C Fashion and Technology. This collaboration aims to bring together advanced technology, comprehensive fashion services, and a dedication to innovation within the fashion manufacturing industry.

According to Samuel Alexander, Founder of C2C Fashion and Technology, the partnership is focused on expanding US apparel manufacturing. He invites attendees to explore the new showroom and get a first look at the innovative strides being made in fashion manufacturing in Detroit. C2C’s Business Builder is an ERP/CRM/PLM global tool that allows for efficient control and connectivity across all aspects of the fashion business. This tool will assist CIM and other factories in ensuring customer service and comprehensive tracking of sales, production, and inventory.

The exclusive showroom launch and preview reception set for February 29, 2024, will serve as a testament to the industry’s commitment to innovation, collaboration, and the limitless potential that lies ahead. This collaboration between CIM and C2C Fashion and Technology represents a significant step forward in advancing technology and innovation within the fashion manufacturing industry.

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