The background of Israel’s release of two hostages in a raid on Rafah that lasted an hour and a half

The rescue of Israeli hostages Fernando Marman and Louis Har in the Gaza Strip was a complex operation that involved intelligence agencies, elite forces, and air support. Coordinated by the Shin Bet’s internal intelligence services, the mission took place over an hour and a half.

The raid on the apartment where the hostages were being held involved explosives and resulted in the immediate deaths of three captors. The special forces quickly shielded Marman and Har with their bodies to protect them from harm.

Following the raid, Hamas men opened fire from nearby buildings, prompting Israeli air force to go into action and bomb Hamas military sites and command centers. The escape was covered by Shayetet 13 commando of the navy and 7th Armored Brigade.

Marman and Har were taken out of Rafah in armored vehicles before being put on a helicopter that flew them back to Israel. After receiving medical attention, they were found in good condition and were able to reunite with their families. Only one member of the rescue team sustained minor injuries.

The two hostages, both Israeli citizens with dual Argentine nationality, had been kidnapped during a violent Hamas attack on October 7 along with several others. This was only the second successful rescue operation since the beginning of the conflict, following an earlier failed attempt that resulted in a hostage’s death. In another incident, three hostages who managed to free themselves were mistakenly killed by Israeli soldiers.

Hamas has condemned Israel’s actions in Rafah as “massacres” and announced that three of its Israeli prisoners have died as a result of Israeli raids on Gaza Strip cities. The total number of casualties from Israel’s Defense Forces’ attack on Rafah is reported to be over 100 people killed and more than 230 injured, most of whom were women and children.

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