Illegal immigrants are not contributing to the Texas economy.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform’s Dan Stein has criticized the Democrats for their changing stance on immigration issues. He believes that the Democrat party has shifted away from prioritizing American workers, and argues that illegal alien workers primarily benefit companies seeking cheaper labor, while taxpayers bear the burden of supporting them financially.

Despite claims from the liberal media that deporting the 11 million illegal aliens currently residing in the United States could lead to a recession, Stein emphasizes that any economic growth brought about by illegal aliens is not entirely positive. Instead, he advocates for countries to focus on utilizing their own workforce rather than importing cheap labor.

According to Stein, states like Texas rely heavily on illegal alien workers for various industries. However, he argues that this reliance on cheap labor ultimately harms American workers and burdens taxpayers financially. He believes that any solution to immigration issues should prioritize the needs of American workers and ensure that they have access to fair wages and job opportunities.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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