Requested credit information from the positive credit register was obtained incorrectly.

The Tax Administration has announced a data breach in the software used by creditors, resulting in unauthorized requests for credit information from the positive credit information register. According to reports, the lender’s software was hacked, leading to the breach. As a precaution, the software interface for the lender has been temporarily closed while investigations are ongoing to determine the extent of the breach.

The release stated that personal IDs obtained from previous data breaches in other organizations may have been used in the unauthorized access to credit information. The income register unit of the Tax Administration is currently investigating the situation and working to identify the number of customers affected by the breach. Cooperation with other authorities such as the data protection commissioner and police may be necessary in addressing this issue.

The positive credit information register was established in April with the aim of collecting data on citizens’ credit and income to provide lenders with accurate information when assessing loan applications. Individuals can also use this register to manage their finances by setting a voluntary credit ban if they choose to do so. Bank lenders have access to request credit information when processing loan applications, while landlords are not permitted to access such information for lease agreements.

To ensure that the use of this register is closely monitored and controlled, measures have been put in place by The Tax Administration. The income register unit has been given authority to restrict access to its data for certain operators if deemed necessary. Investigations are underway to address this incident and prevent future incidents from occurring.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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