Syracuse University News: Design Alumnus Recognized for Innovative Headwear and Sports Equipment at Warehouse Display

Bert Straus, a School of Design alumnus, was inspired to create innovative helmets after witnessing a helmet-to-helmet collision during a televised sports game. This sparked a series of evolutions in headwear and protective sports equipment. Straus started by covering the helmet’s outer surface with a urethane foam shell, leading to the creation of the ProCap.

Over the years, Straus’ design process evolved constantly to meet the demands of the market. From the original ProCap I, which he admits was not aesthetically pleasing, to the vented ProCap III and the latest design that focuses on protecting against rotational accelerations, his helmets have continued to evolve over time.

A display of helmets designed by Straus is now available for viewing at the Nancy Cantor Warehouse. Don Carr, professor of industrial and interaction design in the School of Design, curated the display to showcase the evolution of Straus’ work over the decades. Each helmet on display represents a different iteration of his design, driven by both aesthetics and industry needs.

Straus plans to visit Syracuse University in the fall to meet with students and discuss their design aspirations. He views this as a rare opportunity to reflect on the profession and its evolution over a span of seven decades. The Warehouse window display will be up through mid-October, providing visitors with a glimpse into

By Sophia Gonzalez

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