Small Business in Milwaukee Has Trailer Stolen, Crime Captured on Camera

Milwaukee small business owner, Kurt Baehmann, was left devastated after thieves stole his brand-new trailer using a U-Haul truck on Tuesday. The incident was caught on camera, and Baehmann, along with his wife, recently launched Forward Outdoor in Riverwest, a business that focuses on outdoor gear rentals and experiences. Unfortunately, the trailer was stolen before they even had a chance to use it.

Surveillance video from a neighboring business captured the U-Haul truck pulling into Baehmann’s business on Tuesday night. Soon after, the truck drove off with the trailer hitched behind it. Despite having three locks on the trailer, the determined thieves managed to take it. Baehmann has filed a police report but has had no luck in recovering the stolen trailer.

Baehmann remains positive and focused on moving forward despite this setback. He understands that the theft was of an object and that no one was hurt in the incident. Baehmann believes in maintaining a calm perspective and not letting anger take over. He and his wife have not scheduled any tours that require a trailer since the theft but may need to purchase a new one if the stolen trailer isn’t found. They are determined to continue growing their business despite this setback.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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