Firefighter injured in West Valley City strip mall fire, leaving at least 2 businesses with total losses

An intense 3-alarm fire broke out in a West Valley City strip mall, leading to the injury of a firefighter and the loss of at least two businesses. The fire started around 5:45 p.m. at El Pollo Royo on 4616 S. 4000 West, according to witnesses who spoke to KSL TV.

Omair Rehman, owner of the neighboring Lucky Mart, was among the first to witness the fire. He described seeing smoke and flames coming from the ceiling tiles of El Pollo Royo, which he said were visible for miles around. Rehman quickly gathered his belongings and fled the store, which he had opened in September. Despite his shock and sadness over the loss of his business, he expressed gratitude that everyone was able to safely evacuate the area.

West Valley City Fire Chief John Evans confirmed that two businesses were total losses due to the fire, while ten others were evacuated and impacted in some way. Firefighters arrived within four minutes of receiving the call but had difficulty extinguishing the blaze due to its intensity. Due to concerns over collapsing roofs, crews were forced to retreat from attacking the fire from above.

One firefighter sustained injuries and was taken to a hospital in good condition after attempting to rescue someone trapped inside one of the affected buildings. The cause of the fire is still under investigation as crews work tirelessly to put out the flames.

Rehman expressed shock and sadness over what happened but was grateful for everyone’s safety and quick response from emergency services.

In conclusion, a devastating 3-alarm strip mall fire occurred in West Valley City that resulted in injuries and significant damage to businesses in the area. Despite efforts by emergency services personnel, it took time for them to put out this intense blaze due to its size and complexity.

The incident has left many people with questions about how such a disaster could have occurred and what steps can be taken prevent similar incidents from happening in future

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