Spanish restaurant Disfrutar voted as world’s best

For years, Spain has been a go-to destination for food enthusiasts, and now it is officially home to the world’s best restaurant. Disfrutar, located in Barcelona and run by chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch, and Mateu Casanas, has been awarded the top spot on the World’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2024. This marks the third time that Disfrutar has been recognized, having placed second on last year’s list and climbing up the ranks ever since its debut in 2018.

The rankings are determined by members of the World’s 50 Best Restaurants Academy, which includes chefs, food writers, and industry experts. In addition to Disfrutar, Spain claimed three of the top five spots on this year’s list and six restaurants in total. Chef Victor Arguinzoniz’s Asador Etxebarri in Atxondo was a close second this year.

Disfrutar is known for its innovative dishes such as a caviar-filled Panchino doughnut and a frozen gazpacho sandwich. The restaurant offers two parallel menus of 30 courses each for guests to choose from. The menu changes frequently based on seasonal ingredients and culinary trends.

Food lovers are sure to be excited about this new recognition for Spanish cuisine. With names from various countries like France, Peru, Mexico, Denmark, Thailand, and Argentina included in the top 10 best restaurants in the world for 2024, there will be plenty of opportunities to explore new flavors around the globe.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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