Insightful Perspective on NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative from Thomas Jefferson University Medical Student

Stephanie Stahl, an Emmy Award-winning health reporter, has been selected as one of the 30 medical students from diverse backgrounds for the NFL Diversity in Sports Medicine Pipeline Initiative. As a fourth-year student at Thomas Jefferson University’s Sidney Kimmel Medical College, she has been passionate about sports medicine since she was a young dancer.

Stahl is one of only a few Black women in the orthopedic surgery field, and she believes it’s important for medical professionals to look like their patients. She hopes that through the NFL’s initiative, more diversity will be represented in the field of sports medicine.

For her training rotation, Stahl was placed with the New York Jets to gain firsthand experience working in an NFL club setting. “Sheer knowledge was great for me, but also understanding how patients are managed,” she said. Although Stahl grew up as a fan of the Eagles and would love to work there someday, she understands that objectivity is important when treating professional football players from different backgrounds.

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