Heavy drones from China help clean up trash on Mount Everest

In recent years, drone technology has become increasingly popular for mountaineering and other high-altitude operations. The successful test of DJI’s heavy drone, FlyCart 30, at Mount Everest in Nepal highlights the potential of drones in these environments. The drone reached a maximum altitude of 6,191.8 m while transporting goods and cleaning up trash.

This test demonstrated the versatility of drones in high-altitude operations, showcasing their ability to carry oxygen tanks, supplies, and trash between Base Camp and Camp 1. However, concerns about safety, rescue operations, and environmental pollution have been raised about the use of drones in mountaineering activities.

Drones like FlyCart 30 offer a solution to reduce casualties and minimize the impact of climbing activities on the environment. By delivering equipment to high-altitude camps and removing waste, drones can contribute to the protection of natural environments like Mount Everest. In addition to rescue and transport operations, drones can also play a significant role in cleaning up trash on Mount Everest.

A Nepali drone operator has launched a project to clear debris from the southern slopes of the mountain following successful tests by DJI. This initiative aims to reduce the need for precarious nighttime trips across glaciers, ultimately preventing accidents and deaths in the region. The data gathered from this test provides valuable insights for future high-altitude operations. With drone technology continuing to advance, they are becoming essential tools for mountaineers, guides, and environmentalists looking to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in mountainous regions like Mount Everest.

Overall, it is clear that drones have great potential for use in high-altitude environments like Mount Everest. While concerns about safety must be addressed before widespread adoption takes place

By Sophia Gonzalez

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