Druid Hills Middle School cafeteria receives failing health inspection

Druid Hills Middle School’s cafeteria in Atlanta, Ga received a health inspection on Feb. 27 and failed with a score of 63 out of 100 due to multiple violations. The health inspector observed several issues, including an employee returning from using the bathroom without washing their hands, improper food storage resulting in the milk, lasagna, bean and cheese burritos being stored above 41 degrees and subsequently discarded, two boxes of expired yogurt, spaghetti cooling at room temperature, salads prepared without using proper cooling methods, and an inoperable main kitchen hand sink.

The walk-in cooler was unable to maintain temperatures of 41 degrees or lower, making it unusable until the issue is resolved. This led to a decrease in the cafeteria’s health inspection score from a perfect score in March 2023 to 86 in October. After being questioned by Decaturish, the middle school sent a letter to parents addressing the failed inspection and the measures being taken to rectify the issues.

Principal Sheveeta Bonner assured parents in the letter that Druid Hills Middle School is dedicated to maintaining the highest cleanliness and food safety standards in the school nutrition program. The DeKalb County School District (DCSD) acknowledged the failing health inspection score and expressed their commitment to upholding top-notch cleanliness and food safety standards in school nutrition programs.

It is evident that the school takes responsibility for the health and well-being of its students and staff seriously. The community’s support is acknowledged as the school system aims to uphold and surpass these health and safety standards. For those interested in viewing the full report, it can be accessed by clicking on the provided link.

Druid Hills Middle School has been taking steps to improve its food safety practices after receiving a failing health inspection score earlier this year. The school’s cafeteria was found to have several violations during a recent health inspection on Feb. 27th.

According to a report by Decaturish, Druid Hills Middle School received a score of just 63 out of 100 during its most recent health inspection on Feb. 27th.

The violations observed by health inspectors included an employee returning from using

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