In April, 20 Million Italians are Traveling for Easter

This Easter holiday season, ten million Italians are set to embark on their holiday plans. While two million are still undecided due to uncertain weather conditions, they are eager to pack their bags. Another 8.5 million Italians have planned trips for the long April 25 weekend. The total cost of these holidays is estimated at 3.5 billion euros, which amounts to approximately 350 euros per person.

According to recent data, 85% of Italians traveling during Easter prefer domestic destinations. Many people have adjusted their travel plans in the past month, opting for shorter trips closer to home. This trend is reflected in the fact that 61% of those interviewed will spend only two nights at their destination, an increase of 12 percentage points from previous data. Despite this shift towards shorter trips, the number of Italians traveling abroad for Easter has increased from 11% to 15%, with popular destinations including Spain, France, and Austria.

When it comes to accommodation choices, most travelers prefer hotels or bed and breakfasts (51%), while 30% choose to stay in second homes or visit relatives and friends during the holidays. Among those staying within Italy for Easter, almost half (46%) plan trips outside of their own region. Popular destinations include Campania, Sicily, and Puglia in the South, as well as Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, and Tuscany in the North.

Despite concerns such as weather and international tensions, Italians remain determined to travel during this Easter holiday season. According to Confcommercio president Carlo Sangalli, April promises growth for tourism due to both Easter and long weekends. However, supporting families’ spending capacity through tax reform is crucial for continued growth in the sector.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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