Election Success for Imprisoned Ex-Prime Minister’s Supporters Amid Violence

The results of the elections in Pakistan were still unclear on Friday, as vote counting progressed slowly. Imprisoned ex-prime minister Imran Khan and independent candidates backed by the PTI party were leading in the country’s elections. With about half of the votes counted, PTI-backed candidates were on the verge of winning 49 parliamentary seats, while rival PML-N was on track to win 42 seats out of a total of 266 in the parliament.

The election was marred by violence, with a dozen attacks resulting in at least 12 deaths on election day. On Friday, two PTI party supporters were killed in a clash between police and supporters. Despite this, former Prime Minister Khan, currently in jail and banned from politics for ten years, remained at the center of the ongoing election drama.

The outcome of the election was not what was expected according to assistant professor of political science at Yale University Sarah Khan. The situation was uncertain, with votes from Punjab, the country’s largest state by population, yet to be counted. Amidst all this uncertainty and violence, life went on for people residing in different regions with their livelihoods and activities shaping their daily routines.

On a brighter note, despite the chaos surrounding the elections, various commercial and automobile sectors continued to thrive throughout Pakistan with numerous promotions taking place across different regions. Agents and sellers were actively involved in their respective fields as evident from various online profiles and appointments being scheduled and shared across social media platforms.

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