The Transition to Advanced Fifth Generation in the UAE: A Discussion

The Fifth Generation Advanced (5G-A) Technology Forum held in Dubai recently brought together senior executives and experts from the ICT sector to discuss the transition from fifth generation technology to advanced fifth generation (5G-A). The forum, which took place during the SAMENA summit for telecommunications sector leaders, aimed to chart the future of 5G technology and launch its advanced stage.

The forum was attended by high-level speakers and guests from telecommunications companies, regulatory bodies, international organizations, technology companies, and telecommunications sector partners in the region. The event was led by organizations such as the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and Digital Government in the UAE, the International Mobile Networks Association, the World Broadband Association, and various providers of products, solutions, and services in the ICT ecosystem.

During his opening speech at the forum, Engineer Saif Bin Ghalita emphasized on developing a national plan for advanced fifth generation network and allocating frequency spectrum to support mobile phone networks. He highlighted that this transition will have significant technical developments associated with it.

The agenda of the forum included speeches and presentations by prominent representatives in the telecommunications sector discussing future developments of 5G-A technology. The highlight of the summit was when sector representatives announced plans to launch advanced fifth generation technology in Dubai with a focus on commercial use by 2024.

The UAE continues to strengthen its ICT infrastructure to keep pace with technological advancements and maximize benefits of next-generation telecommunications networks. The forum also discussed development opportunities within 5G-A ecosystem with emphasis on commercialization by 2024. It highlighted that staying ahead of technological innovation is key for laying foundation for future developments in ICT industry.

Overall, Fifth Generation Advanced (5G-A) Technology Forum provided a platform for industry leaders to discuss future prospects of telecommunication technology and potential impact of transitioning to advanced fifth generation networks.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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