National science and technology programs management decentralization

The Ministry of Science and Technology, led by Minister Huynh Thanh Dat, has been actively working on promoting decentralization in state management of national science and technology tasks. During a conference titled “Some solutions to promote the implementation of national science and technology programs” held on June 6, Minister Dat emphasized that this approach enhances the involvement of individuals in research activities.

The Ministry currently manages 26 national-level programs, including science and technology programs (KC) and social science and humanities programs (KX). In recent times, the Ministry has focused on perfecting legal documents and policy mechanisms to remove barriers and create favorable conditions for science and technology development. The mechanism of decentralization in state management of national science and technology tasks has been completed to ensure efficiency.

Circulars managing national science and technology tasks have been gradually completed. These circulars include instructions for developing estimates for implementing science and technology tasks, regulations on attracting, using, and appreciating individuals engaged in scientific activities, and guidelines on selecting organizations and individuals to perform national science and technology tasks using the budget. Deputy Minister of Science and Technology Tran Hong Thai emphasized the importance of advising the Ministry on management issues and program content.

The conference also highlighted research topics in various fields. In education, there are projects like smart human-shaped robots to support English teaching. In agriculture, there is research on applying artificial intelligence in irrigation water optimization. In the industrial sector, there are projects on robot combinations for logistics services and manufacturing Collaborative robots for industrial applications. In natural disaster prevention, there are projects on self-propelled flying robots for environmental reconnaissance.

Minister Dat urged Program Steering Committee members to focus on urgent and important tasks for socio-economic development, national defense, and security. The Ministry will accelerate project implementation

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