Launching of College Crop Production Technology Program

Garden City Community College (GCCC) is excited to announce the launch of its new Crop Production Technology program, set to begin in Fall 2024. This innovative program, housed within GCCC’s Agriculture department, will provide students with the opportunity to earn an Associate in Science degree, an Associate in Applied Science degree, or one of three specialized certificates.

The Crop Production Technology program emphasizes hands-on learning, equipping students with practical experience in crop management, weed control, water usage, soil fertility, and crop scouting. Students will receive training in GCCC’s advanced on-campus greenhouse, allowing for year-round practical experience in the field. The greenhouse will primarily focus on corn production, enabling students to observe different growth stages by planting at various times. Additionally, it will allow for demonstrations of nutrient deficiencies based on fertilizer rates and placement.

Elisa Mai, Assistant Professor of Crop Production Technology shared her vision for the program. She emphasized the goal of preparing students with real-life experiences in crop production technology to excel in their careers or manage their own farms. “We want our students to be able to apply what they learn here to real-world scenarios,” said Mai. “By providing them with practical experience and knowledge about crop production technology, we hope that they can succeed as professionals or entrepreneurs.”

The Crop Production Technology program is part of GCCC’s Title III Hispanic Serving Institution STEM Grant and offers multiple educational pathways designed for different career goals. These include Certificates A, B, and C; an Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree; and an Associate in Science (A

By Sophia Gonzalez

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