West-MEC is introducing a new adult welding technology program.

West-MEC’s Phoenix campus is launching a new adult welding technology program that will offer students hands-on training from industry experts. The program covers various welding techniques such as thermal cutting, shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding, flux-core arc welding, and gas tungsten arc welding. Students who complete the 900-hour program can take a welding certification test.

The Welding Technology course at West-MEC offers both daytime classes over 60 weeks and nighttime classes over 81 weeks to accommodate students with flexible schedules. The total cost of tuition and other expenses for the program is $14,160. Superintendent Scott Spurgeon emphasized the importance of providing adult students with options for schooling hours to ensure their success in pursuing a new trade.

West-MEC also offers a total of 33 programs at 49 high schools in the Valley, giving students the opportunity to earn certifications and credits. In addition to the welding program, West-MEC offers adult programs in aviation maintenance technology, dental assisting, HVAC, IT security, pharmacy technician, and precision manufacturing. With only 31% of Arizona adults holding a degree beyond a high school diploma, West-MEC aims to provide pathways to higher paying jobs for Arizonans.

According to Spurgeon, the goal of West-MEC’s adult education programs is to equip the West Valley workforce with the necessary skills to meet industry demands and secure better-paying jobs. By developing skills through these programs, students can become more confident, competent, and ultimately succeed in the workforce. The center encourages individuals with story ideas or tips to reach out to the KTAR News team.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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