Carolyn M. Mazure, PhD, Headlines Women’s Health Research Roundtable in Atlanta for White House Initiative

Dr. Jill Biden traveled to Atlanta earlier this week to bring attention to the need for increased investment in women’s health research as part of the White House Initiative on Women’s Health Research. During her opening remarks, Dr. Biden emphasized the goal of fundamentally changing the approach to and funding of women’s health research, making women a first thought, not an afterthought, in healthcare.

The roundtable discussion was facilitated by Dr. Carolyn M. Mazure, the Chair of the Initiative and Women’s Health Research at Yale Director. The focus was on the importance of public-private partnerships in improving women’s lives through increased research investment and the necessity for new and expanded partnerships. Atlanta’s reputation for innovation and collaboration was highlighted during the discussion. Dr. Mazure expressed her excitement about the innovations in research and collaboration, particularly in partnership with the community and corporations, with a focus on enhancing women’s understanding and health.

Roundtable participants included influential leaders such as Monica M. Bertagnolli, Linda Goler Blount, and Stefanie Diaz, among others. Dr. Mazure emphasized the significance of new public-private partnerships in driving the innovation required to enhance the health of all women and expressed her admiration for the work being done in Atlanta. The initiative seeks to learn from leaders in the field to continue driving progress in women’s health. To learn more about the White House Initiative on Women’s Health click here

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