Enilive Opens New Alt Stazione del Gusto Store in Ostia

Enilive’s innovative catering format, known as the Alt Stazione del Gusto, has arrived in Rome Capital. The store is located in the historic service station in Piazzale della Posta in Ostia, just a stone’s throw away from the pier and Lungomare Paolo Toscanelli.

The Alt Stazione del Gusto is a unique catering model that originated in Abruzzo in 2018 with an idea courtesy of Chef Niko Romito. It offers a range of proposals that transform Enilive petrol stations into a delectable experience by applying the creativity and technique of this Italian chef, who is a symbol of gastronomic research and sensitivity.

“Enilive is already a reference for people on the move,” declared Stefano Ballista, CEO of Enilive. “From today, in Ostia, it can also be the case for restaurants. The Enilive Station in Piazzale della Posta has been open since the 1960s and the fact that it was chosen to host ALT Stazione del Gusto is a perfect example of the evolution underway in our stations: no longer just places to do a quick refueling but ‘mobility points’ where you can find products and services useful to simplify and enrich the lives of people on the move.”

The collaboration with Niko Romito Academy is part of Enilive’s process of renewing and expanding its offerings across its network of over 5,000 sales points throughout Europe. The next openings are planned for major Italian and European cities. At the station, customers can pay postal bills and use special lockers to collect parcels as well as enjoy breakfast through dinner with various dining options available for both take-out or dine-in consumption.

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