Escanaba Business Donates 3,000 Packs of Socks to Veterans in the Local Community

Escanaba Shoe Sensation, a leading retailer of footwear and accessories, has announced its successful completion of the “Socks for Troops” donation drive. The nationwide campaign, launched during the holiday season, resulted in the collection of over 40,000 pairs of socks from across the country.

Margaret Derkos, manager of the local Shoe Sensation store, spoke about their tremendous success and expressed her gratitude to the Escanaba community for their support. She shared stories of individuals who generously donated multiple packs of socks and even hand-knitted pairs for the cause.

“We set out to triple our collection from last year and were thrilled to surpass our expectations thanks to our dedicated employees and supportive community,” said Derkos. “The generosity of our customers is truly inspiring.”

Shoe Sensation’s CEO, Dave Schoengart, highlighted the annual “Socks for Troops” drive as a time when all markets come together to support a common cause. He expressed pride in his company’s commitment to supporting local charities and events while emphasizing their ongoing dedication to making a positive impact on their community.

In addition to their involvement in “Socks for Troops,” Escanaba Shoe Sensation plans to remain active in other local charities such as Foster Grandparents, Girl Scouts, Delta Animal Shelter, and Delta County Schools’ Financial Reality Fairs. Their commitment reflects their belief that by working together with local organizations and individuals, they can create a brighter future for everyone in Escanaba.

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