Boeing narrowly avoids disaster as plane struggles to take off because of software error

A near-disaster on a Boeing 737-800 flight took place on March 4, but it only became known to the public on Friday. The plane was set for Gran Canaria, Spain, and had 163 passengers and 9 crew members on board. However, the aircraft left the ground only 260 meters from the end of the 1.9 kilometer long runway, with just three seconds left to get airborne.

The cause of this incident was a software error in the automatic throttle control system of the plane. Instead of delivering the required 92.8 percent of power for takeoff, the system only delivered 84.5 percent. The two pilots were unaware of this at the time and relied on the automatic system.

The UK Department for Transport’s Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) is investigating this incident and has described it as “serious.” The AAIB investigation showed that eleven malfunctions occurred during the flight, many of which were related to the automatic throttle system. During the flight, the system switched off twice. Boeing has since admitted that there is a long history of nuisance shutdowns when engaged in takeoff mode by their automatic systems.

In recent years, Boeing has faced a range of challenges and controversies related to its aircraft safety issues have raised concerns about reliability and safety. In January this year, a panel was blown off an Alaska Airlines 737 aircraft due to a production error, and in March, a Boeing Max 8 ended up off

By Sophia Gonzalez

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