Prince George’s County Pledges $4.2 Million to Health Assures Program – Conduit Street

Prince George’s County has recently announced an allocation of $4.25 million to expand the Health Assures Program, which is a crucial initiative aimed at reducing the burden of uncompensated care for uninsured patient visits at Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs). This program is dedicated to ensuring that low-cost or free medical, behavioral, and dental care services are easily accessible to eligible uninsured individuals who reside in the county.

The Health Assures Program plays a vital role in improving the health and well-being of Prince George’s County residents by providing essential health services to uninsured and often undocumented individuals. By doing so, it aims to create a community where every resident has the opportunity to achieve optimal health.

To be eligible for the program, individuals must be uninsured, ineligible for insurance or other government assistance programs, and living at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level. This targeted approach ensures that those who are most in need of healthcare services can access them through the program.

County Executive Angela Alsobrooks emphasized the importance of the Health Assures Program in addressing healthcare disparities and ensuring that all residents have access to essential medical services. She stated that this investment demonstrates the county’s commitment to improving the health outcomes of its residents and creating a more equitable community.

For more information on the Health Assures Program expansion and its impact on the community, you can view the full Press Release on the program’s website. The expansion of this program is an important step towards creating a more just and healthy society for all residents of Prince George’s County.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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