The importance of understanding sports injuries

Dr. Geoff Van Thiel, a Rockford sports medicine orthopedic surgeon, discussed the most common injuries that athletes can experience with the Super Bowl approaching. According to him, ACL and MCL injuries are frequently seen by him. He said that these injuries are most common in female soccer players, followed by basketball and football players due to the cutting and pivoting involved in those sports.

As a team physician for U.S. national soccer teams, Van Thiel has observed knee ligament injuries as the most common in soccer. However, he notes that baseball players experience much fewer knee ligament injuries. He also mentions that professional athletes are typically less prone to these injuries due to their focus on rehabilitation and strengthening programs.

In conclusion, Van Thiel emphasizes that professional athletes have less to worry about when it comes to knee injuries compared to non-professional athletes. This may be due to the professional athletes’ focus on rehab and strengthening programs.

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