Exploring the Potential of Autonomy Retrofit Kits in the Technology Corner

Linco-Precision in Nokomis, Ill., is currently exploring the possibilities of autonomy in their customers’ operations. Precision specialist Jake Warford explains that they are focusing on the sod market, which requires labor-intensive tasks such as frequent mowing over large areas. However, Warford sees potential for autonomy in row crop applications such as fertilizer and lime spreading, as well as cover crop planting.

Warford mentions using their autonomy kit to sow cover crops and wheat last year, showcasing the endless opportunities for automation in agriculture. Linco-Precision offers the Sabanto autonomy kit, which follows a philosophy of “crawl, walk, run.” They are currently in the walking phase, slowly implementing autonomy in various agricultural tasks.

Warford believes that the possibilities for autonomy in agriculture are vast and varied. There is an application for it wherever it can be made to work. As precision specialists, Linco-Precision is committed to helping their customers increase efficiency and productivity while reducing costs through automation.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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