Expert examines how Subject shapes scientific thought and societal impacts

At the University of Kashmir (KU), the Department of History recently hosted an extension lecture on the significance of studying the history of science. The lecture, titled ‘Why Study History of Science?’, was delivered by renowned historian of Science, Prof Deepak Kumar, who captivated the audience with his insightful discourse.

Prof Kumar highlighted how understanding the history of Science is vital for enhancing our comprehension of scientific development and its influence on society. He underscored the importance of historical perspectives for scientists, historians, and the public at large. His talk sparked a vibrant discussion among attendees, fostering a greater appreciation for the subject matter.

During his address, Head of the Department of History, Prof M Y Ganaie, showcased the department’s academic accomplishments and ongoing research initiatives. He reaffirmed their commitment to promoting historical inquiry and scholarship, emphasizing that organizing such lectures serves as a testament to their dedication to academic excellence.

The lecture concluded with an interactive session where students and faculty engaged in discussions to delve further into the history of Science. Dr Abdul Rashid Lone, a faculty member from the Department of History, welcomed attendees and proposed a vote of thanks to express appreciation for Prof Kumar’s enlightening presentation.

Overall, this extension lecture on the importance of studying science history has sparked interest among academics and scholars alike at KU’s Department of History.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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