Adapting to the Rising Demands of the Fentanyl Crisis: How Bend First Responders and Deschutes County Health Services are Responding

Deschutes County has seen an increase in fentanyl overdoses in recent years, with more than 150 reported in 2023. This alarming trend has put a strain on first responders and resources, prompting a need for discussion on the current state of the crisis and efforts being made to combat it.

Matthew Draxton will report on this issue at Five on NewsChannel 21. He will speak with representatives from Bend Fire and Rescue, Bend Police, and the county’s Opioid Overdose Response Team to shed light on the impact of the surge in fentanyl overdoses and the measures being taken to address the crisis. The report aims to provide insight into the response efforts and adaptations made by these agencies, as well as the challenges they face in mitigating the crisis.

KTVZ NewsChannel 21 encourages civil and constructive conversation about this important issue and invites viewers to share their thoughts and experiences. The report will delve into the details of the current situation and provide a platform for discussion and awareness.

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