Hope for Philly WNBA Team Is Keeping True Fans on Their Toes

Philadelphia is buzzing with excitement for the start of the WNBA season, which kicked off Tuesday evening. However, many residents are eager for their own home team to support. Earlier this year, the WNBA considered Philadelphia for a team, but instead awarded teams to Golden State and Toronto, leaving Philly out for now. Despite this setback, the city’s passion for sports remains strong.

Kevin Copp, who works at Temple University, believes that Philadelphia is long overdue for a WNBA team. He highlights the city’s passion for its sports teams, especially the Sixers, and sees an opportunity for the WNBA to capitalize on this excitement. Copp believes that representation provided by players like Caitlin Clark is crucial in attracting fans to the sport.

Caitlin Vanderberry, who grew up playing basketball in Philly, shares Copp’s sentiment. She stresses the importance of visibility and believes that every major city should have a WNBA team. Vanderberry sees players like Clark as catalysts for a movement in women’s basketball and believes that they can help bring attention to important social issues through their platform.

Leah Manfra, who works in Center City, expressed her enthusiasm for the idea of a WNBA team in Philly and mentioned that she would buy tickets to support the team. Her coworker, Anna Gibson, echoed this sentiment, stating that having a women’s team in the city would bring the Philly spirit to the games. Both agree that true Philly sports fans would go crazy for a local WNBA team.

As fans eagerly await news of a potential WNBA team in Philadelphia, many are hopeful that this season will be one where their dreams become reality.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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