Craving Information on Intermittent Fasting?

Recent studies have sparked concerns about the safety of fasting diets, particularly those that involve intermittent eating. Some health influencers have touted the benefits of these diets, including weight loss, longevity, and cancer prevention. However, recent headlines have raised red flags about their potential negative effects on heart health.

To gain a better understanding of the science behind fasting and its impact on health, we sat down with Dr. Krista Varady, Dr. Courtney Peterson, and Professor Valter Longo. These experts explored various aspects of fasting, including its effect on fat burning, weight loss, calorie restriction, longevity, and cancer prevention.

The episode also delved into the mental health resources available for individuals considering embarking on a fasting diet. While fasting can be an effective way to improve one’s overall health and well-being, it is important to approach it with caution and seek professional guidance if necessary.

Our team of experts provided a balanced perspective on the topic and shared their insights from years of research in the field of nutrition and medicine. The podcast features editing by Blythe Terrell, Caitlin Kenney, and Annie-Rose Strasser and fact-checking by Eva Dasher and Michelle Dang. Mix and sound design were created by Peter Leonard and Bobby Lord with music by Peter Leonard, Emma Munger, Bumi Hidaka, and Bobby Lord.

We would like to acknowledge our researchers and experts who contributed to this episode as well as individuals who provided support throughout the process. “Science Vs” is a Spotify Studios Original podcast available for free on Spotify

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