In 2026, First Women’s Club World Cup to Take Place

The first Fifa Women’s Club World Cup is set to be held in 2026, with plans for it to take place every four years. This tournament will feature 16 teams, different from the new men’s version which will have 32 teams starting in 2025.

The idea for a Women’s Club World Cup was discussed at the Fifa Council meeting before the 74th Congress in Bangkok, Thailand, and received strong support for its creation to help grow the women’s game. The tournament is expected to fill the gap between the Champions League group stages and knockout rounds and take place during the middle of the European domestic season but before the NWSL season which kicks off in March.

The concept of a Women’s Club World Cup aligns well with Uefa’s expansion of their Women’s Champions League. Hosting for the 2027 Women’s World Cup has not been decided yet, but top bids are coming from Brazil and a joint bid from Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands.

In recent years, there have been increasing concerns about scheduling matches in both men’s and women’s football prompting discussions and potential changes to improve overall structure and organization of the sport. The men’s Club World Cup has faced criticism recently due to concerns over player schedules leading to possible legal action from Fifpro. However, this tournament will still take place in United States during summer of 2025 with all three European club competitions expanding to 36 teams in following year, Uefa will introduce a second women’s European competition starting from 2025 onwards.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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