The importance of carefully considering Finland’s stance in the Corporate Responsibility Directive

The Corporate Responsibility Directive is set to be voted on by the European Parliament, but Finland’s position remains unclear. The threat is that the directive may fall if certain countries vote against it. During a large committee meeting in Finland on Thursday, the issue was discussed and the government’s position was supported, but there was no clear line. Finland’s voting solution will depend on other countries’ actions.

The directive aims to create uniform rules for companies in Europe regarding the promotion of human rights and environmental protection. While Finland has reservations about class action and the obligation to present evidence, there is a lot of support for the directive among businesses. However, many Finnish companies such as Nordea, Kone, Neste, and Nokia have expressed their support for the directive.

The Finnish government should carefully consider whether it is worth overturning the Corporate Responsibility Directive as a patchwork of national laws would be a worse and less effective solution. A patchwork of national laws would not provide clarity or consistency in corporate responsibility across Europe. On this matter, FIBS (Finnish Business Association) agrees with us; it suggests that a patchwork of national laws would be significantly worse and less effective than what we have on offer. Moreover, there is disagreement about how problematic the issues that Finland opposes actually are. For example, while some argue that class action liability can be adapted to the Finnish legal system, others recognize that it has elements that are “new and untested.”

However, one cannot ignore our EU policy also does not look very linear when one’s position depends on what others do. It seems like we need more transparency from our elected representatives regarding their stance on this crucial matter before we can make an informed decision about whether or not to support it further.

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Overall, it is important for Finland to weigh its concerns carefully before making any decisions regarding this important piece of legislation

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