Meet Alexander Stubb, the recently elected president of Finland who previously served as prime minister

Alexander Stubb has been elected as the new President of Finland, after being away from Finnish politics for 7 years. He won the run-off against his independent opponent, Pekka Haavisto, with 51.7% of the vote. Stubb has had a successful career in politics, serving as prime minister and leader of the National Conservative Party. In recent years, he has directed the European University Institute in Florence.

As a researcher in political science, Stubb has had an international-focused career, initially serving as a councilor and then as an MEP in 2004. He has previously been Foreign Minister and Premier, and has supported Finland’s membership in NATO. Stubb is passionate about his country and its role in the international community, and is eager to make an impact as president.

Upon announcing his candidacy, Stubb stated that he believes one of the most important tasks of the next presidential mandate will be to work on an international system based on rules. He also expressed his strong belief that security should not just be consumed but produced by countries like Finland. As a father of two children with a British lawyer wife, Stubb understands the importance of national security for families like his own.

In addition to his political background and passion for his country, Stubb is also an avid sportsman who has participated in grueling races like the “iron man.” He is proud of his achievements in sports and believes that physical fitness can have a positive impact on mental health and well-being.

Stubb was encouraged to return to Finnish politics by the party he had always supported – now in government with Prime Minister Petteri Orpo – who recognized his expertise and experience as valuable assets to their team. As President of Finland, Stubb plans to continue working towards creating a better future for all citizens through policies that promote economic growth and social equality while respecting individual rights and freedoms.

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