Possible Vote in US Senate for Ukraine Aid

The foreign aid bill, which was passed in the Senate on Tuesday with the support of at least 17 Republican senators, now faces uncertainties in the House of Representatives. Despite receiving bipartisan support in the Senate, the legislation may not make it through the lower chamber due to opposition from Republican Speaker Mike Johnson.

Johnson has objected to the bill’s lack of provisions to stem the record influx of migrants across the US-Mexico border. He stated that if no border policy changes are made, he will pass his own measures on these important matters. This poses a challenge for Democrats who have been working towards a bipartisan deal on border control for months.

Senator John Thune has acknowledged that it is unclear what Johnson will do with the bill. Hardline Republicans are predicting that it will fail completely when it comes before the House of Representatives, while others believe that Johnson may negotiate with Democrats to find a compromise.

The bill includes provisions for aid to Ukraine and Israel, as well as support for partners in the Indo-Pacific region. However, Republicans have long demanded that foreign aid bills include measures at America’s borders. The bipartisan border deal collapsed after former President Donald Trump called for it to be scrapped, and his successor Joe Biden has been urging Congress to rush new aid to Ukraine and other allies while also addressing humanitarian needs in Gaza.

Ukrainian officials have warned that Russia continues its attacks despite receiving foreign aid for months. However, aid to Ukraine faces challenges in Congress as some Republicans oppose funding foreign allies and prioritize domestic spending over international assistance.

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