James Magnussen aims to break world record with enhanced performance supplements

In 2019, former Australian swimming star James Magnussen announced his retirement from the sport, leaving behind a legacy of Olympic and world championship medals. However, he has now accepted a challenge from the founder of the Enhanced Games to start a program of performance-enhancing supplements in order to break the 50m world record and win $1.5m.

The vision for the Enhance Games is to allow competitors to compete without drug testing, as many of the world’s best athletes already use “performance enhancements”. The founder, Aron D’Souza, has guaranteed the prize money, although the timing of the event has not yet been confirmed.

Magnussen expressed his interest in the concept and acknowledged that there are performance enhancements being used internationally. He emphasized the need for a level playing field and the potential for pursuing the world record for the right price. He also mentioned that he intends to approach the supplement program with

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