If I am disqualified, Bolivia will face upheaval

The former president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, has warned that there will be a “convulsion” in the country if his presidential candidacy for the 2025 elections is disqualified. Morales blames the government of Luis Arce for any potential unrest, despite both belonging to the same party. In an interview with the EFE agency, Morales stated that if he is disqualified, there will be consequences, and any resulting turmoil would be the responsibility of the government.

Morales believes that mass action is necessary to win this struggle and has heard that various sectors anticipate difficulties if his candidacy is annulled. The possibility of disqualifying his candidacy arose after a ruling by the Constitutional Court last year, which stated that indefinite reelection is not a human right and can only be applied once, continuously or discontinuously. Morales maintains that he is legally and constitutionally enabled to be a candidate, as confirmed by consultations with national and international experts.

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The ruling party celebrates its 29th anniversary with two separate events this year: one bloc supporting President Luis Arce celebrates in La Paz while another aligned with Morales holds an event in Yapacaní. Tensions between these factions were evident at last year’s anniversary event when Morales questioned Arce’s achievements while advocating for pluralism within MAS.

Morales also criticized Arce’s administration for failing to hold coup plotters accountable following the 2019 crisis that led to his resignation and exile. He accused them of deviating from their anti-imperialist tradition by offering bribes to officials to distance themselves from MAS.

The rift within MAS extends beyond congress’s legality when it comes to re-electing Morales as its sole candidate for 2025 elections. Pro-government sectors are calling for a new congress as they feel Congress did not have enough time to investigate allegations against Morales before he was reelected.

In conclusion, political tensions continue to rise in Bolivia as divisions persist within MAS and entertainments like Pin Up offer an escape from reality for those seeking adventure and possibility amidst chaos.

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