Four Candidates Vying for Presidency in Sardinia

The upcoming elections for the office of president in Sardinia on February 25th feature four candidates: Alessandra Todde, Paolo Truzzu, Renato Soru, and Lucia Chessa. Each candidate has a unique background and set of qualifications that they bring to the table.

Alessandra Todde is currently serving as a member of the Sardinian regional council and has extensive experience in government. She previously served as a former undersecretary in the Conte II government and deputy minister of Economic Development in the Draghi government. Her center-left coalition includes 10 lists supporting her candidacy.

Paolo Truzzu, born in Cagliari, is an exponent of the Brothers of Italy and has been mayor of Cagliari since 2018. He has extensive experience in regional politics and is running for president with support from a center-right coalition.

Renato Soru, an entrepreneur and founder of Tiscali, is seeking support from the ‘Sardinian Coalition’ as he runs for president for the third time. He previously served as president of the Sardinia Region before stepping down to run for this year’s election.

Lucia Chessa, a teacher from Bitti, also brings her experience as a former mayor of Aust to her candidacy. She is currently secretary of the Rossomori party and is running for president with a unique platform aimed at improving education in Sardinia.

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