Kenyon’s Science Journal promotes effective communication within scientific community

The Kenyon Scientific Journal is a unique opportunity for advanced neuroscience students to not only write academic papers but also reach a wider audience. Founded by Professor Hewlet McFarlane, the journal emphasizes the importance of effective science communication to the public.

In the senior seminar, students are tasked with writing a National Science Foundation grant proposal and a Scientific American-style article that simplifies complex scientific concepts for a general audience. The articles are typically around 3,500 words long, and students work closely with a production team that includes library staff for copy editing, fact-checking, and layout.

The project has proven to be a rewarding learning experience for many students like Dani Buch ’24. For Buch, being part of the journal project was a transformative experience that showcased the transition of academic work into accessible content for the public.

According to McFarlane, one of the most important aspects of the project is developing writing skills that focus on effective communication without relying on technical jargon. Clear communication is essential for success in any career, and it’s a key component of the science division’s curriculum.

The use of Artificial Intelligence tools like Source Media Properties’ AI tool to generate this article’s draft is an example of innovative technology being utilized to extract and present information. A professional editor has reviewed the article for accuracy and readability before publication.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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