Small Aisne Business to Light Olympic Flame for 2024 Games

MJ Conditionnement, a small company in Hartennes-et-Taux (Aisne) with 11 employees, is playing a crucial role in the Paris 2024 Olympics. The company specializes in the formulation and packaging of aerosols and filling gas cartridges, and their expertise has been recognized by the Paris 2024 teams.

In early 2023, MJ Conditionnement was approached by the Paris 2024 teams due to their recognized expertise in the field. After months of testing, sample trials, and discussions, an official order for 10,000 cartridges filled with gas for the Olympic flame was received in January.

The first batch of cartridges has recently arrived at MJ Conditionnement’s facility in Hartennes-et-Taux, and gas delivery is expected next week. A manual station will be set up exclusively for this unique order, requiring the employment of a full-time employee for three to four weeks.

The Olympic flame will pass through Soissons on July 17, which is only about ten kilometers from MJ Conditionnement’s headquarters. Steve Erca, the technical director of MJ Conditionnement, emphasizes the importance of this market for the company and its commitment to ensuring the success of this global event.

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