A’s Toro shares insights gained from former Astros teammate Altuve

In the ongoing 2024 MLB season, Abraham Toro, an infielder for the Athletics, is having a breakout year. He recently shared that he owes much of his success to the guidance he received from his former Astros teammate, José Altuve. While playing alongside Altuve in Houston until his trade to the Seattle Mariners in 2021, Toro was taught about the mental aspect of the game and how to approach each at-bat with a plan.

Toro had a more straightforward approach earlier in his career, simply focusing on seeing the ball and hitting it. However, Altuve’s teaching helped him develop a more strategic mindset when facing pitchers in the majors. Despite struggling with consistency early on, Toro is currently hitting a career-high .272 with 63 hits, 21 RBI, and five home runs with the Athletics.

While Altuve’s reputation has been marred by the Astros’ sign-stealing scandal in 2017, Toro respects and admires his former teammate for the valuable advice he provided. Even though he was not part of the Astros team during that period, Toro has been able to apply Altuve’s wisdom to improve his performance on the field. A’s fans can now see the positive impact of Altuve’s guidance on Toro’s game as he continues to excel during this season.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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