The increase in animal hoarding: A threat to animal well-being

In Germany, the phenomenon of pathological animal hoarding is on the rise, with neglected and cramped animals being found in apartments and houses. This has resulted in overwhelming situations for overwhelmed breeders, as well as authorities that are short on staff. In Stuttgart, 68 Chihuahua pedigree dogs were rescued from an overwhelmed breeder, while over 70 cats were rescued from a cluttered apartment in Freiburg. Many of these animals are shy and carry viruses, making them difficult to adopt.

Pet owners often become overwhelmed after spontaneously purchasing a dog or cat, leading to situations that affect authorities. The German Animal Welfare Association reports that this phenomenon is often a result of loneliness and a loss of connection to other people, with personal strokes of fate leading to the situation. However, there is currently no database for bans on keeping animals or a central register, and animal hoarding is not recognized as a medical condition. As a result, health insurance companies do not finance therapy for mentally ill collectors. This creates a troubling cycle that perpetuates animal hoarding without the necessary support for treatment.

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