Minority Business Expo Hosted by University of Lynchburg

The Minority Business Expo took place for the first time at the University of Lynchburg, showcasing over 23 minority-owned and operated businesses. Hosted by the University of Lynchburg’s African American Affinity Group (AAAG), the event was the vision of Tracy Mccray. Mccray stated that the expo was a realization of Dr. King’s dream, and she was thrilled to see it come to fruition. She emphasized that the event was a way to provide exposure to small businesses in Lynchburg and the surrounding counties, offering them the opportunity to connect with other businesses at the university.

Dr. Robert Canida, also a member of the AAAG, expressed excitement for the inaugural year of the event. He highlighted the significance of having a representation of black businesses in Lynchburg. Both organizers and participants are enthusiastic about the prospect of future expo events to continue supporting and promoting minority-owned businesses in the area.

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