DVIDS News: Airman Cox in Metals Technology

Airman Jacalyn Cox, a recent high school graduate from Madison, New Hampshire, has joined the metals technology shop at the 157th Air Refueling Wing. Despite having no prior experience in machine shop work, Cox was drawn to the field because of its intrigue. Her interest in the field has only grown since attending technical school. Now working as an aircraft metal technology specialist, she is part of a team that designs critical tools for the KC-46 and operates various machines to accomplish their tasks.

Despite never having tinkered with maintenance or metalworking during her upbringing, Cox has found welding to be one of her newfound passions. She quickly adapted to and embraced the unique challenges presented by her work. Cox chose to join the 157th Air Refueling Wing due to her familiarity with the base, as her father, Master Sgt. Jeremy Cox, has served in the New Hampshire Air National Guard for over 20 years. Following her graduation from high school and technical school, Cox is now considering pursuing further education to become certified in her new trades.

Excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, Cox is looking forward to exploring college attendance and potential full-time employment at the base. She finds the daily experience of trying out new machines and tasks exhilarating and has developed a deep appreciation for her work in the metals technology shop. Despite initially feeling intimidated when first touring the base and encountering the machines, Cox now feels at home and eager to continue expanding her skills and knowledge in this field.

By Sophia Gonzalez

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